Incl. 100th issue

The first issue of “Incl.”, a periodical of the Accessible Design Foundation of Japan (hereafter, “ADFJ”), was published on July 25, 1999, and we are very glad that we can publish this 100th issue of “Incl.” now in January 2016.
Since “Incl.” started in the same year in which ADFJ was founded, it has effectively followed the path that ADFJ has moved through. We would like to show you the history of ADFJ since its foundation up until now, by referring to the articles that have been provided on the past issues of “Incl.”.

100th / January 25, 2016

Contents Pages
Introduction 2
Background of the establishment 2
The goals of ADFJ (What we aim for) 3
Surveys on inconveniences 4
Surveys on “what was good” 5
Surveys on the accessible design market scale 6
Development of rules - Products 7
Development of rules - Services 10
Dissemination - Exhibitions 11
Dissemination - Symposiums 12
Courses 13
Colophon 14